• Celebrating Women Who Broke Barriers

      Celebrating Women Who Broke Barriers             As you may have seen when the ‘Our Power Women Series’ was launched late last summer, we’ve taken to using masks to show support for some of our favorite “Nasty” women. And we’re pleased to note that not only through masks, but through other kinds of apparel, social media support, and more, the celebration...
  • The Steampunk Fashion

      The Steampunk Fashion   What is fashion to you?   Is it a statement of personality, an expression of feeling or just something to make you look great? It can be all of these things and more and doesn’t always have to conform to accepted norms, colors or styles.   In an early blog on the site, we focused on the motto Be Who You...
  • Thank You!!!

    Thank You!!!
    We wanted to take this time to Thank all of you for your SUPPORT and LOVE this past year. We here at Ashley Nell Tipton realize that 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us and know that if we can make it through this.....we can make it through anything!!   Love "YOU" The team at Ashley Nell Tipton
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