• Don’t like this feeling..so frigging sad/mad

    Why did we go through that? Why are we back where we started? How can this be? When I think back on the journey we just went through.. the people volunteering to help make masks for those in the front lines.. the unspoken risks we were taking .. the mornings when I would wake up and have to make the choice to go to...
  • Let's not go back to self-quarantineed

    I can't beieve after all we have been through that we are now making the choices that put us at risk. Please remember the following   Now more than ever, we need to stand together! The entire world is dealing with something so seriously scary I can barely wrap my mind around it. Covid-19 doesn't care about race, religion, sex, etcetera and we as...
  • Matching kid and parent outfits

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    Matching kid and parent outfits
    In San Diego, many places are starting to open up to the public again. This is not a time to forget our health and safety, and most places will require wearing masks. Luckily it is much easier to find masks now than ever!  Along with wearing a mask yourself, it is also important the little ones are wearing them as well. This could be...
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