• Every House Needs a Strong Foundation

    Every House Needs a Strong Foundation
    Eduardo Meza is the Rock at the Ashley Nell Tipton studio . It is rare to find an employee  who shows up everyday committed to "the work". Flexible, Unassuming, Hard-working, delivers the goods, steady, sweet, ambitious, dedicated -- Oh and this super-star employee ended up here by "default"..at the beginning of the pandemic as we were struggling to find "sewers" Eddie shows up -- a...
  • Thank you!

    Thank you!
    Thank you - to all of you that have supported us and what we are doing since this pandemic hit.. the positive feedback and love you continue to send our way is the air that keeps us breathing..  Thank you to a staff that has the heart and passion to show up every day and deliver..    Thank you Cathy - our social media...
  • Don’t like this feeling..so frigging sad/mad

    Why did we go through that? Why are we back where we started? How can this be? When I think back on the journey we just went through.. the people volunteering to help make masks for those in the front lines.. the unspoken risks we were taking .. the mornings when I would wake up and have to make the choice to go to...
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