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project runway season 14 (winner)



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The journey from “the Idea” of trying out for Project Runway to Winning Project Runway was a lesson in all that we encounter in life.

At first I was doubtful and fearful of the unknown. The application process was extensive and cumbersome. Like most things in life, I had to ask for help. I acknowledged my shortcomings and realized that being dyslexic and filling out that questionnaire was going to prevent me from even trying out. I got help and three days and one creative video later we hit “send”.

During the interview process, my mantra was “just be yourself”. I realized that the only way for me to have a chance was that I could not be something I wasn’t. I just needed to be me.

I was so surprised and excited to be chosen.

The show itself was both challenging and rewarding on so many levels. I realized that quitting was not an option. Once I outlawed that choice I knew I could only rely on my talents and drive. Both those elements got me through.

What I didn’t realize while I was on the program was that there were thousands of other “Ashley’s” in the world. Those that have been bullied, called names, “not picked”, felt less than…..they were there with me.

Project Runway was the springboard for my new life and way of thinking, of being. Because of Project Runway I now have a platform  to “redesign one’s perception of Self-Love” and a following of like-minded individuals who are tired of living a life of limited choices and lots of compromises.