Aromatherapy meets CBD Oil (This is a sponsored post)

The Mood CBD Infused collection at American Eagle are my new favorite products! Aromatherapy meets CBD Oil, there is nothing better than a skin care line with these two amazing characteristics. The collection includes hand cream, lip balms, pillow mists, bath soak, body lotion, muscle balm, sugar scrub, face oil, etc. I received the MOOD Focused and Refreshed CBD infused Lip Balm, MOOD Chill CBD Infused Body Cream and MOOD ZZZ CBD Infused Pillow Mist. The best thing about these products are the scents and skin care formulas. All products are great but my favorite product is the MOOD ZZ CBD Infused pillow mist, it’s  lavender scented and it’s the best thing to relax right before bed. You simply spray the mist to your pillow or bed sheets and you will be ready for a great night's sleep. 

 Also, the lip balms are so fun, they each have a different scent and desired “MOOD” and did I mention that it moisturizes your lips like no other. 

The collection in its entirety gives a soothing, calming and relaxing effect. As an entrepreneur and fashion designer, stress and pressure are common day to day feelings so the MOOD products are definitely helping me to relax. I apply the body cream every morning before my team meeting at the studio and not only do I get compliments about the smell but I feel relaxed and stress free, ready to take on the week!  You can get each product with a different effect Energized, Focused, Refreshed, Chill, ZZZ and Soothed. In addition to choosing your desired “MOOD”, the packaging is the most aesthetically pleasing and fun I have seen!

I am definitely going to buy all the ZZZ (Lavender Fragrance) products! Definitely looking forward to trying out their face oils! 

You can find it exclusively at American Eagle.

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