Don't compromise your dreams.


Compromise... Who's that?

There are soooooo many ways we compromise. We compromise when it comes to school, relationships and even how we dress. Listen, it has to stop!!!
Smaller things are okay to compromise... I guess, but huge life decisions should never be compromised !

Never compromise your dreams to appease others! You only have one life to live and you can't sacrifice your happiness for the happiness of others. Sometimes our goals are so big that the people around us will try to convince us that we're dreaming too big. It's not always malicious. Sometimes our loved ones don't want to see us get hurt. So they try to convince us we're aiming too high. Honey, let me tell you, you're not aiming too high! You're aiming high enough!
You're dreams aren't for everyone and they won't always get it!

Don't compromise the main qualities you look for in a partner! Remember that relationships work both ways and you shouldn't compromise what you truly want all in the name of saying you have a partner. Anytime you feel the need to compromise or change, ask yourself one question. Can I live my life in happiness while dealing with the consequences of this change? If the answer is no, then don't do it. If the answer is yes, then go for it! Don't make descions solely based on others! Its your life and you have to live for you!

Moral of the story is simple! Make descions that you'll be able to live with. Don't let anyones opinions change your mind and compromise only when necessary (if at all). Before you go just remember, what you compromise to get, you must continue to compromise to keep. 

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