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Ashley Nell Tipton

Bariatric Surgery-- Is it for me?

Bariatric Surgery-- Is it for me?

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Have you wondered if Bariatric Surgery is right for you? In this course I will cover with you how I decided to get the surgery, why I choose Bypass Surgery over the other options, and the pre and post steps necessary for a successful procedure.

We will begin this class by identify your motivation for wanting Bariatric Surgery and faulty motivations that will lead to failure instead of success.  Then we will look at all the necessary important elements that affect the decision to get the surgery such as how to be a good candidate for the surgery, how the surgery will change your thinking around eating, how time plays and important role in your success, plateauing, finding activities that support your journey. We will cover the specific mental and physical  preparations needed before  and post surgery. Understanding your relalionship to food and activity is a vital aspect of the class that will be explored.


Session is One Hour Zoom Session

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