It's the most wonderful time of the year...right? 

The holidays are a joyous time. The lights and music fill the air no matter where you go. The spirit of happiness tends to spark in places we don't usually see it and let's not forget about the food! Men and women flutter about in the most beautiful clothing options and visiting family and old friends are a huge plus.

Unfortunately the pressures from family can make this a not so wonderful time of year. Although visiting family and friends can be fun...sometimes it's not. Family can put pressures on us that we try not to put on ourselves. Small talk sometimes turns into " When are you going to have kids?" or " When are you getting married?" Even though they usually mean well, the delivery doesn't always come off that way. I like to handle situations like this delicately. You want to be direct but not rude. Answer with something like " I'm not ready for kids but when I'm blessed to have one, you'll know." See how I did that? Short and to the point but not rude. 

Having relationships with family and friends are beautiful and they only want what's best for us. The same way that you want what's best for them! Try not to be offended by their questions or their expectations. We sometimes set the bar so high for ourselves that it's only natural that we do it for the ones we love as well. Try not be crude in your delivery with your questions. Be understanding and know that we're all on our own different paths and there is absolutely no time limit!

Don't let other's expectations define you. Don't let what you expect of others define how you see them. We were not put on this earth to please others or to live up to their expectations ! Our purpose should not be defined by one holiday gathering a year! Own your life for what it is and make adjustments as you see fit! Most importantly, enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. Don't let pressure or stress make the holiday season an uncomfortable time of year for you!
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