Let's not go back to self-quarantineed

I can't beieve after all we have been through that we are now making the choices that put us at risk. Please remember the following


Now more than ever, we need to stand together! The entire world is dealing with something so seriously scary I can barely wrap my mind around it. Covid-19 doesn't care about race, religion, sex, etcetera and we as the human race shouldn't care either! We shouldn't care about our differences to the point that we don't help one another. How can we help each other during a time like this? Keep reading along and I'll tell you.

It's simple...don't go over board while shopping at your local store. I know with the media coverage and talks of lockdowns it's tempting to splurge on necessities. However, when you buy more than you need, you put yourself and others at risk because the people in your community go without.

Another way you can help is by practicing self care. Washing your hands frequently and covering your mouth when you have to sneeze or cough can go along way. Remember that the people around you can have compromised immune systems. If you don't have any of the symptoms of coronavirus or any other illnesses, reach out to local organizations and ask what you can do. Many churches and organizations are passing out free groceries and cleaning supplies around the country.

Last but most certainly not least, stay at home if you're able to do so. If you're feeling sick don't leave the house. Call your doctor and ask if you should go into the hospital. I know you guys are taking this pretty hard right now. Flights have been canceled and vacations have been postponed. Many of you are either out of work or working from home while teaching your children. Just remember to take a deep breath when you feel overwhelmed. Take breaks and meditate or pray when you need to do so. You're not in this alone!

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