Day 21 Joanns WTF??????

Got to Joann's at 10 today and stood in line for our order we placed online....they opened at the order but they only had 1/2 of what we needed. They are no longer taking orders to LA tomorrow to look for fabric and felt and elastic ...Ashley texted me last night with her "prototype" for kids and babies....can't wait to produce that.(I am blessed she is my partner in this business!)  Got 12 more requests for donations from firefighters, Sdge, Vet Offices, Trader Joes, Coffee Shops (Lestats in San Diego--go there!!)'s not slowing down but the donations really warm our souls....everytime I seal that envelope and put it in the mailbox .....or they pick up...I know we are doing Love's work! Jiovanni just made everyone coffee, Eduardo broght Mexican really is the little things now that we are cherishing....makes you wonder why it took this to.......till manana....
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1,000 BRAVOS & Ovations for your beautiful, visionary work arriving for so many at this time
of challenge and expansion. Putting the heart and soul of all that you are Ashley, Andrew & Family, becomes
the cherry pie revelation leading the way; from the origins of your seeds songs,
dreams and wonder, to now, with your guiding light and inspirational creations healing this planet one mask at a time.
This is LOVE in action like never before. I am over-ten-moons grateful for my ancient friendship with Andrew, who has illuminated paths for people seeking knowledge for their purpose, wisdom and understanding of what they are here to offer the world. The Divine Fates are smiling on us with all that is arriving with every thread you weave.
Counting the Stars of Gratitude for all of you at this time. With love & blue skies, Kathleen

Kaaaaaathleeeeeennnnnn Crystalliiiiiine

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