Day 19 of the Quarantine --Working on Fumes of LOVE

We have decided to do a daily update on what is happening inside our little world of mask manufacturing. Truthfully this journey has been both exhausting and fulfilling. Just like we never knew what life would look like when Ashley won Project Runway we could not imagine this life of service. Today we are prioritizing masks to the organizations that have asked for donations. We have pushed back delivery on the Retail Masks to 2 weeks so we can get a handle on the large amounts needed by those on the front lines. At the same time we realize a lot of the retail orders are those doing inspirational work and we are ramping up on production. It's weird to realize that Fabric is now hard to get, felt hard to find, elastic-who would of thought elastic would be a commodity. We are thankful for the dedicated staff we have....coming to work knowing they are "working for a cause". I am so proud of Ashley- what it took for her to win Project Runway are the same qualities that I am seeing as she navigates this new CHALLENGE! Her patience, skill level, warmth, dedication to this project are in a word "AMAZING". Yes we all are exhausted. Mom is cooking, dad is sewing, brother is cutting, cousin Arlene is our organized Diva, our Social Manager Cathy is prohibited from posting (we can't handle the publicity right now) and has jumped in to do Any/Everything, Eduardo is such a find. 

We desparately  need any kind of cotton fabric, felt, and elastic. 

Pot would be nice :-)

Till tomorrow...



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