Love "You" Seminar - December 14 at 10:00 – Ashley Nell Tipton

Love "You" Seminar - December 14 at 10:00

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"You"  have ALWAYS been enough.
From "Fearful to Fearless" - this 3-hour seminar will give you the necessary tools to navigate your life as you learn to accept yourself - "JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!"

  • There is nothing wrong with me the way I am
  • How Fear runs our lives
  • Why other people's opinions should not matter
  • What is Freedom and how do I acquire it?
  • How to Trust my self and others

This workshop is co-created/co-led with Ashley Nell Tipton and her Mentor/Life Coach - Andrew Bisaha
Location---Ashley Nell Tipton Design Studio in Hillcrest/San Diego