Intermediate Sewing Class - April 17th & 18th – Ashley Nell Tipton

Intermediate Sewing Class - April 17th & 18th

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Learn how to sew with Ashley Nell Tipton! This will be a 6.5 hour class  broken up into 2 sessions (6 - 10:15pm) held at Ashley's studio in San Diego on April 17th & 18th. This class is limited to 6 people per class and is for ages 12 & up. You will:
  • Make a Baby Doll Skirt 
  • Learn how to gather
  • Learn how to put a zipper
  • Learn how to apply interfacing 
  • Learn how to sew a pocket
  • Learn how to hem
  • Learn how to make a waistband 
  • Learn how to cut from a pattern 
  • Learn how use a Surger 

Skills Needed:

  • Basic sewing skills
  • Knows how use the machine  
  • Knows how to thread the machine
  • If you took my beginners sewing class, you are ready to take this one! 


You can bring your own working machine or we will provide a machine for you to use. Fabrics will be provided.