• These Kicks Are Made For Stompin’

    More like stompin all over your basic ideas of fashion! I love this brand so much because it hits close to home…and I mean that very literally because we were both born and raised in San Diego, CA! I love TUK Creepers because they’re like the definition of bad-ass feminine: they make people say, “Wow look at your cute pink shoes!” but also scream,...
  • “That moment when you only have on mascara and someone asks you if you are wearing fake eyelashes"

    If “Beauty with an edge” is your slogan you already know you won me over. So, as far as I’m concerned I’m more than happy to use Urban Decay’s “edge” all over my face and lashes. This fun makeup brand rose from the blush and beige-toned ashes of the 1990’s makeup scene, and added that influential pop of color that is so embraced today!...
  • I Would Pick A Daisy In A Field Of Roses!

    When you’re constantly on the go like me, you have to make sure you always smell fresh as a Daisy! I say that quite literally because DAISY DREAM by Marc Jacobs is always my go-to perfume. Not only has Marc Jacobs shaped the constructs of fashion and self-expression (I like to think I know something about self-expression – hello pastels!) , but he has...
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