• “That moment when you only have on mascara and someone asks you if you are wearing fake eyelashes"

    If “Beauty with an edge” is your slogan you already know you won me over. So, as far as I’m concerned I’m more than happy to use Urban Decay’s “edge” all over my face and lashes. This fun makeup brand rose from the blush and beige-toned ashes of the 1990’s makeup scene, and added that influential pop of color that is so embraced today!...
  • I Would Pick A Daisy In A Field Of Roses!

    When you’re constantly on the go like me, you have to make sure you always smell fresh as a Daisy! I say that quite literally because DAISY DREAM by Marc Jacobs is always my go-to perfume. Not only has Marc Jacobs shaped the constructs of fashion and self-expression (I like to think I know something about self-expression – hello pastels!) , but he has...
  • Kiss The Haters Goodbye

    Okay, tribe, when you look at me, what is the first thing you notice? Oh yeah…how about my bad-ass shade of lipstick?! You won’t catch me dead with a naked lip, and I’m usually wearing my favorite shade of Kat Von D, to give me that extra confidence to rock the day! Not only are her products amazing and long-lasting, but she is the...
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