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I have posted this many times but here I go again. Most of my customer service emails are about the USPS. Again please don't write to me asking me about their routing, their postal centers, why did it go here instead of this center, why is it still pending, etc.....We are in an unprecedented time.. all those things we take for granted are comprised— I challenge you to go to a post office and see what they are dealing with. Can you please , please, please,   Realize the reality we are living through??

ONE MORE TIME-- Once we fill the order and we bring it to post office it ships 2 day Air. AFTER THAT POINT I HAVE NO CONTROL   over where it goes, how it gets there, why it's where it's at, etc....we are trying the best we can to get these out. In a week we will be caught up and the process will go much faster. The constant emails about USPS is only setting us back further....


Another beautiful day in San Diego!

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  • Posted on by Liz Salter

    I received my masks today, am super happy with them! I can breath and not fog up my glasses finally!! Thank you!! I have also referred your site to friends!! keep up the good work

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