These Kicks Are Made For Stompin’


More like stompin all over your basic ideas of fashion! I love this brand so much because it hits close to home…and I mean that very literally because we were both born and raised in San Diego, CA! I love TUK Creepers because they’re like the definition of bad-ass feminine: they make people say, “Wow look at your cute pink shoes!” but also scream, “Don’t mess with me!”. T.U.K. Creepers are the best combo of beach goth meets 1950’s Oxfords, mixed with Rock N’ Roll…and man do I feel confident stompin’ around in them! From dressing them up with a tule skirt and leather jacket, to dressing them down with some dark wash jeans and a white tee, they’re forever my favorite offbeat accessory!

Advice for rocking your T.U.K. Creepers? Throw on some winged eye-liner, your favorite Kat Von D lipstick, and channel your inner Amy Winehouse! Join the Creepers gang too Tribe <3

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