The Steampunk Fashion


The Steampunk Fashion


What is fashion to you?


Is it a statement of personality, an expression of feeling or just something to make you look great? It can be all of these things and more and doesn’t always have to conform to accepted norms, colors or styles.


In an early blog on the site, we focused on the motto Be Who You Are, Not Who The World Wants You To Be and if anything, that sums up fashion perfectly. You can be who you want, and many fashionistas worldwide want to be steampunks. Steampunk festivals draw huge crowds across the United States, and it is increasingly becoming an everyday fashion choice, not confined to dedicated events.


We may have moved from a fashion design company to a mask-making company in light of the pandemic, but there is always time for good fashion, which empowers people and allows them to be who they are. For those who do not know, steampunk is an imagined genre of science fiction in which the Victorian steam era is combined with industrialization in a post-apocalyptic world. It doesn’t sound like a great basis for fashion, but it is.




There are plenty of steampunk themes and imagery across digital media that act as a good reference point. It certainly finds a niche in video games, with titles such as BioShock and Dishonored 2 on the PlayStation boasting a steampunk-inspired backdrop. It has even worked its way into online slots, with Foxy Bingo using steampunk as the inspiration behind their title Steam Tower. Other mobile games you can find include Malevolent Machines and SteampunkTower, with the numbers growing all the time. In terms of films, the most popular that features steampunk themes is The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. However, The Golden Compass and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes also drew some inspiration from the genre. If you enjoyed those or feel drawn to steampunk fashion as your natural look, you might want to consider the fundamental concepts of the fashion.


If you go full cosplay, steampunk can be a showy but somewhat uncomfortable look. Still, as a fashion choice for everyday life, it is essential to remember the limitations of your dress. Most steampunks have a go-to outfit for shows and exhibitions but can still tailor a simple look to fit their steampunk ethos. For women, steampunk does have more than a passing similarity to some Victorian clothing, which is a great place to start. Yes, corsets are an excellent addition, but many women will find those uncomfortable, especially plus sizes. Think bloomers, tailcoats, and maybe even heeled leather boots to give your steampunk outfit the best of starts. Whilst Medium demonstrates that long flowy dresses were suitable in Victorian times, steampunk doesn’t have to abide by all the rules. A woman can wear trousers and boots and remain consistent with steampunk fashion. Remember, colors such as browns, whites and blacks, and materials such as leather are perfect for including. Don’t go flashy or bright, it wouldn’t do for the Victorians, and it won’t do for you.



That will form a canvass, if you like, the backdrop upon which you can then hang your steampunk accessories to complete your look. It is those accessories that will set you apart. Headwear is very popular, top hats and bowler hats being suitable for ladies and gentlemen. If it was worn on the head by Victorians, then it will suit steampunk. However, watches, gloves and rather industrial looking jewelry will also build the aesthetic, bringing a science-fiction feel to your overall look.


The key to steampunk is to make it about you, which is why it is such an exciting fashion option. It is showy, it is about making a statement, but it is flexible and can be adapted to work for your shape, size and personality. Go away and have some fun turning yourself into one of the growing number of steampunks worldwide.

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