Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you - to all of you that have supported us and what we are doing since this pandemic hit.. the positive feedback and love you continue to send our way is the air that keeps us breathing.. 

Thank you to a staff that has the heart and passion to show up every day and deliver.. 


Thank you Cathy - our social media manager who has no always open to feedback, is a constant learner and is always willing to do what it takes to “make it work” (Ashley just cringed!)


Thank you Ashley for being the glue that holds us together.. silent leader but don’t be fooled.. she is why we show up and when we show up she is why we SHOW UP. Ashley and I have been joined at the hip for the last 4 years .. been through it all.. and my love for her only grows as time moves on.. she has grown into the kind of leader that is rare to find.. we have only just begun this journey and damn it’s been great to have her as my co- pilot!!

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