What a ride the last 6 weeks have been. Everyday could have been the same routine but not with a team of “creatives”. Our team was able to lighten the emotional and work burden by attempting to bring some levity to an overwhelming reality. One day was wig day ( yes bald me had a pony tail taped on) , cinco de Mayo contest for best costume, strength training class, Jell-O shots at 4(ok I lied at 1:-), Diana Ross day, and on and on. Cbd gummies were consumed with gusto, music is ALWAYS pumping and even though most of us didn’t know each other we have grown as a family. I thank the Design Godess/Diva( don't call me that-she says) Ashley Nell Tipton for her leadership, warmth, genius and perserverence. It’s been hell but with an underlying desire to serve others we MADE IT WORK!

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