Project Runway Winner

Just when we think we are making a dent in these orders we always forget that we have no control over the publicity we get because of Ashley's Project Runway success and her subsequent lines at JC Penny, Simplicity, and Sally's. Looks like her season of Project Runway ran again and there was a huge influx of orders. Although we love the support we are swimming upstream. We are hiring more people, looking for sewers, finding new sources of fabric and expanding our operation. We know that getting these masks are important. You getting them is just as important to us. Every time we seal the bags and bring them to the post office we are filled with pride knowing we are making a difference!! Patience please .....
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You are doing such a great thing by supplying these masks to all the people who are risking their lives everyday in the hospitals, as well as allowing people like myself who don’t have access to a sewing machine or to fabric to make a mask purchase them from your store. I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your hard working team for all that you are doing.

John Gaus

I want to thank you for making my husband and I a few masks. I have looked everywhere and it’s impossible to find anything. We are both 62 and I have had a rough couple of years with four major surgeries. Thanks for being here for us. We live in Chula Vista and glad to support a local company. ❤

Della Hathaway

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