Matching kid and parent outfits

Matching kid and parent outfits

In San Diego, many places are starting to open up to the public again. This is not a time to forget our health and safety, and most places will require wearing masks. Luckily it is much easier to find masks now than ever! 

Along with wearing a mask yourself, it is also important the little ones are wearing them as well. This could be the tricky part... what kid willingly wants to wear a mask? To help encourage mask-wearing, we have designed some fun styled masks for kids to wear. The feedback has been wonderful and the parents seem to be having a much easier time 🥰

We also know you love matching with your kiddo! I mean come on, who doesn't just LOVE those mommy and daughter matching outfits?! We have recently come out with a collection of masks parents can match with their kids! Whether they are mommy and me or daddy and me, we have something for everyone. 

Sending you all LOVE and positive energy as our world continues to change. 

Featured Below: Basic Black Masks

matching kid and adult face masks


Featured Below: The Lauren

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Love the Pily Flounce Dress that I purchased recently!! I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I wrote a dress that didn’t cover up nearly every part of me, much less wrote one without a bra. This dress was perfect and came filled with enough self-confidence for me to feel comfortable everywhere I wrote it. Thank you!!

Lisa Laribee

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