Kiss The Haters Goodbye

Okay, tribe, when you look at me, what is the first thing you notice? Oh yeah…how about my bad-ass shade of lipstick?! You won’t catch me dead with a naked lip, and I’m usually wearing my favorite shade of Kat Von D, to give me that extra confidence to rock the day! Not only are her products amazing and long-lasting, but she is the definition of perseverance and pursuing one’s dream! From “running around barefoot in Mexico” to immigrating to the U.S. and changing the idea of beauty, how could you not be inspired by the awesome woman?

I love that she encourages women to be unapologetically bold, with her loud lipstick colors, and all the while remains inclusive with her beautiful shades of pastel.

If you wanna kiss the haters goodbye…I would color that lip with Kat Von D 😉

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