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I Would Pick A Daisy In A Field Of Roses!

When you’re constantly on the go like me, you have to make sure you always smell fresh as a Daisy! I say that quite literally because DAISY DREAM by Marc Jacobs is always my go-to perfume. Not only has Marc Jacobs shaped the constructs of fashion and self-expression (I like to think I know something about self-expression – hello pastels!) , but he has hugely inspired me to create fashion to empower all people. As my tribe, you know that I am all about this!  I wonder what my perfume would smell like? Obviously, it would be floral.

From his girly pinks such as Daisy Dream, to his crazy studded metallic kilts, Marc Jacobs is the epitome of boldness and inclusion – and I love to smell like a daisy all day long! Check it out!

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