Frida Kahlo Face Masks

Frida Kahlo Face Masks

ā€œI paint self-portraits because I am so often alone because I am the person I know best.ā€

-Frida Kahlo

There are many reasons I have chosen to use Frida Kahlo prints in my designs and Face Masks. Of course, she is one of Mexico's greatest artists and uses beautiful colors, but there is so much more.Ā 

During this time of quarantine, we've had more time to reflect on ourselves. We've had time to learn more about who WE are. Hopefully, it has encouraged you to love yourself more than ever.šŸ’ž

šŸ‘‰I believe Frida's work is relevant to what we are experiencing right now.... because many of her paintings are self-portraits. They are her self-reflection.

How have you worked on self-reflection and self-love during the pandemic?

Featured: Frida in Blue Face Mask

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