Do You Even ASOS Bro?!

Well…now you can!!! ASOS has just launched their first plus-sized men’s collection and I could not be more excited! This is a HUGE deal for mens fashion, and will definitely help demolish the body stereotypes men are so excepted to follow! Now your average dude doesn’t need to shed pounds to fit into the itty-bitty H&M mens section that is basically the only stylish and affordable retail out-let on the market for men right now. NOW they can just be themselves, in whatever size that may be, and looking great doing it! My closet is basically bursting at the seams with all my ASOS Curve garments, and I totally thought I couldn’t love the brand even more. …Well, I was wrong! They’re now styling my tribe and my tribe’s boo-thang?! You go ASOS, you go.

Go update your man’s closet ASAP ladies!

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