Day 39 CHINGADERA / Ear Stress Reliever

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So the hardest item for us to get in stock is what we affectionately call the “Chingadera”, otherwise known as the “Ear Stress Reliever”. We are the only mask company offering this item for use when wearing the mask for long hours. They are hard to find and even harder to get in!! We are working on an in-house solution, but until then we are going to limit the “Chingadera” to one per order. Sorry for temporary inconvenience— it’s challenging at times:-)

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  • Posted on by JO-aNN dILLON

    Dear AShley,

    WE are huge fans of your work, meaning my husband got into viewing project runway when you were on it. Thrilled to see your great masks. Keep up the inspiring work, my girl.
    Loads of love and kisses
    Jo-Ann from Carlsbad CA

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