Day 35 Getting closer!! Hurra! – Ashley Nell Tipton

Day 35 Getting closer!! Hurra!

Today’s the first day I can honestly say I am hopeful this week we will get caught up and can regroup, re-structure, and get back to creating. Ashley has some awesome ideas for kids and infants. Got a lot of new requests for donated masks and was able to expedite those in one day. That’s progress. Our studio has been at capacity with every aunt, cousin, brother, mother, dad, neighbor we could convince that this cause is greater than our fears. On a personal note I have been learning Spanish for 3 years and the last 35 days immersed in the Mexican culture has been More valuable than any class!! Gracias mis amigos y amigas!!

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Thank you for all you are doing. My Mom and I love our masks. You and your team are a GODSEND. Thank you, again!

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