Day 29 Andrew gets ANGRY!

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Those of you who know me know that I can handle what comes my way BUT today really got to me. After 9 days of telling us today, tomorrow, promise today, promise tomorrow, the factory SOcal Legacy Design tells us “sorry we got another order and had to push you further out”. Do not do any business with Merilyn Vera or her company. The only recourse I have now is to prevent others looking for manufacturing from making the same mistake. I really thought that during these times one could see/feel/hear how urgently we needed these done ... on a lighter note another beautiful day in San Diego!!

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  • Posted on by BONITA BERTON

    Hey Ashley! I got my mask, t-shirt and 10 yesterday! I love all three and I’m ordering some more masks right now! You are our hometown hero!!! You represent all this thickness! Love you to the Moon and back!

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