DAY 25 Where's my shipment?????????

A little insight to  how we are processing the orders. We are working 14 hour days to hand make these little "creations". When we have the product made we make the shipping labels and send them to the "warehouse" where we pack and ship them. However if there is an order for a "Donation" that takes precedent! We promised 7-10 days and for the majority of orders we are getting those out. We did  run out of the material for the Loteria but we got some in and those are back in production. Please be patient... if you get a notification that your order was being shipped know that it could still take 3-5 days before you can track it.  . 

Please be patient......we understand getting these in your hands is just as important to you as it is to us. Know that finding quality sewers has been a challenge.....thank you for all the positive feedback we are getting on the masks...I read those to the team and it really makes a difference for moral. Everyday is ground-hog day, yet we make each day special.

Today is In-N-Out day! Tomorrow I am taking the pugs to the studio....Everyday we are trying to make this challenge joyful ... 



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Masks arrived and LOVE them, fit perfectly, just order 2 more. Thanks!!!


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