Breaking Fashion Barriers


For years women have been divided into categories based off of size. Depending on the branch in fashion, plus size can start as small as a size eight or twelve. I know ridiculous, right!? (That's a conversation for another day.) Beyond size, women have also been categorized by body shape. For awhile, depending on the category there were several dos and don'ts. For example; if you're apple shaped, you must wear babydoll dresses as bodycon dresses don't "flatter" your tummy. If you're pear shaped, you must wear clothing that accentuates your curves but disguise your rolls. The list goes on and on! Just about every tip involved concealing your body fat as a form of flattery. Why is flattery synonymous with concealment? How does concealing your body fat fit into body positivity? For one, flattery is not equal to concealment. Secondly, concealing any part of your body should be based off of personal choice, not a rule set in stone. Fortunately, we're in a time where many women are determined to question everything we've been told for years! Yes, that definitely includes fashion rules especially the ones pertaining to us plus sized goddesses! Currently, most fashion advice columns have rules that include
wearing anything that makes you feel sexy, confident, and comfortable instead of hide this role and hide that role.
Plus size style influencers such as Stella Williams and Gabriella Lascano, adopted the new set of "rules "challenging the idea of what's considered flattering. From two piece string bikinis to skin tight bodycon dresses, these beauties know how to make a fashion statement. Body positivity is about loving yourself no matter where you are on this journey called life. It's about owning your sexy and loving your body no matter what the world tells you about it.
Body positivity isn't about fitting into the perfect size or conforming to societal norms. No matter your body shape or size, love it! You only get one body so be kind to it and dress however you seem fit! If you ever need a reminder of that or or just a little style inspiration,check out some of my favorite style influencers listed below on Instagram.


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