Headbands are one of those accessories that have a timelessness to them. You can wear them in any season with just about any outfit and I for one wear one constantly. So it made me think, what if I designed an entire line of headbands but with a twist? That's how my newest collection "The Queen of Headbands" came to be.

The crown like structure paired with funky designs and prints seemed fit to make any outfit stand out. What I love most about my headbands are how versatile they are. No matter the hair texture, gender or style preference, you will slay! No more bad hair days or under-accessorized outfits. No more basic or underwhelming headbands sitting ontop of your head. No more struggle accessorizing!

This line is very special to me. Not because of the convenience of the accessory itself or my obsession with headpieces as a whole. But because this is my very first in house produced collection! I've taken the time to hand sew each headband design with love and determination. The absolute best part about this whole journey is that I get to share with the world my passion. Click here to shop The Queen of Headbands Collection.

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