A Pie To The Face You’ll Actually Enjoy...

Okay, okay…so we’re not talking about a literal pie to the face, we’re talking about the yummy cosmetic line Tarte! I’m a natural at high-performance so obviously, Tarte is preaching to the choir with their slogan “high-performance naturals” ;). Colors, sparkles, metallics, and a brand based off of cute little pies…could Tarte have gotten life any more right? Just take a look at their website…not only do they have like a million products to choose from, but it also looks like a freakin’ rainbow! Okay win. Major Girl Boss and CEO Maureen Kelly founded the company right out of her little NYC apartment in 1999, with the mission to create, “Healthy, eco-chic beauty that truly worked and are cruelty free”! I love me some Tarte not only because it satisfies my taste for color, but also because they’re all about giving back!

This holiday season when you shop Tarte you will also be giving back, because they’re partnering up with 7 different charities for their “7 Days of Giving” Program! If you’re gonna be a Scrooge and just treat yourself this holiday you might as well buy Tarte and accidentally help others while you’re at it 😉

Check out all the Tarte has to offer here!


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