The Secret to Beautiful Hydrated Lips 💋

Hey Ladies! So I always get asked a ton of questions about beauty products that I use for my face, specifically my lips. One of the main products that I have been using recently is my hibiscus peach eos “crystal” lip balm. It’s amazing truly, honestly (Joanne the Scammer voice). The new eos crystal balm is a breakthrough, innovative formula that is cruelty free and vegan! It’s essentially a weightless hydration lip balm with 5 nourishing natural oils that lock in moisture for HOURS.

It can be applied on bare lips or as a lip primer to seal in lipstick color. Let’s face it ladies, who doesn’t want that?! I can tell first hand from experience that eos really helps keep my precious lips moisturized throughout the day. Wearing matte lipsticks dries the hell outta my lips so fortunately I have my eos to back me up ;).

   Recently I have been doing a lot of traveling and we all know what happens when you fly in high altitudes.. cracked lips, yuck! 😖 I have made it part of my daily routine to keep my lips as hydrated as possible when flying and thanks to my handy dandy eos, my lips now feel like clouds while I’m in the clouds ☁️☁️. All I can say is this stuff really works. I wouldn’t know what I would be doing without it.  It is super lightweight and easy to travel with. My eos lip balm is the true definition of weightless!

Thank you eos for kindly sponsoring this post. 💜 #eos #partner #TheFutureIsCrystalClear #Ad

"The Politics of Being Fat"

Body Positive.

What is body positive to you? What do those two words mean to you? Body positivity to me is more about unlearning the idea that only certain bodies are worth praise and acceptance and in return recognizing that all bodies are equally valuable. Adopting body positive ideals helped me grow intellectually. It helped me realize what I really wanted out of life. What I feel that other people need to realize is that accepting and loving your body does not make you selfish, which in fact it not only helped embrace my own body but also others as well. I mean let’s be real this body positive movement doesn’t end with just loving and accepting yourself you also have to love and empower other body types as well. Body positivity was developed off of the “Fat Acceptance” movement, which supports the liberalization of fat bodies and fights against stigma surrounding them. This is where things can get a little tricky. The mainstream media likes to portray what the ideal beauty standard should be and they have taken the words “Body Positivity” and have just ran with it. Those two words have now been stripped of its principles due to its commercialization leading many body positive activists to call themselves “Fat Positive” instead. Being body positive isn’t just for plus size men or women. Modern body positivity is for people of any size and gender. Ultimately body positive is about everyone allowing each other to live in their own body as they please. You should be able to decide what is best for your body and what you can do to get to your goal but you should also remember to be kind and empathetic towards other peoples bodies and their personal journey.

This past week I was honored to be invited to the Green Space in NYC and joined two incredible women in discussing The other F word. Thank you for the opportunity to interact with Ebony writer and contributor Tomika Anderson and activist and writer Lindy West. It’s a very interesting video to watch and the conversation aims to shift the narrative away from the norms.

Click here to watch the live stream now. 💜


The Curvy Con

(btw these pics are from last year, still 🔥 tho)

   Photo Credit: Randy Brooke for Getty Images Entertainment

Ashley Tipton Photo Credit: Thaddeus Rombauer

Ashley Nell Tipton, Valerie Sagun and Jes Baker

Rochelle Johnson @iambeauticurve and myself

Its almost that time of year again 

I am so excited to be attending this years Curvy Con which will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion West, 639 W 46th St, New York, 10036 from September 8th to September 9th 2017. Curvy Con co-founders Chastity Garner(@garnerstyle) and CeCe Olisa (@ceceolisa) gathered editors for a two day event that brings plus size Brands, Fashionistas, Shopaholics, Bloggers and YouTubers into one space, to chat curvy, shop curvy and embrace curvy. It brings so much joy to my heart to know that in this day and age we have these conventions that promote fabulous curvy women. Lets be real The Curvy Con is like Comic Con but for curvier women hence Curvy Con. As a young girl, I have always wanted other influential women (aside from the strong women in my family) to look up to. The fact that I am able to be part of that bracket of powerful strong women to influence other young girls is just unbelievable. There are truly no words to explain how humbled and blessed I am to do what I do. All ages are welcome to this event so I hope to see you all there! Join us as we embrace our curves, do a little shopping, and tackle topics like confidence, fashion and style, health, fitness, dating, body positivity and everything in between! You can purchase your tickets HERE 💜

Pride Month

Not only is June the month of my birthday, but it is also Gay Pride Month, two of my favorite things! Now I know you may be asking yourself Ashley, are you gay? The answer is No, but I might as well be! 💕 Being a bigger girl, I feel that me and my gay friends share a close bond that is very strong and connected. Even though we have different labels, the way we grew up is a little similar if you think about it. We have been bullied in our lives, made fun of and are just simply the outcast of our group in high school, college and even family. Now I know what you’re thinking “OMG Ashley you’re just the typical fag hag” and you’re right I am.. but a proud one. What I share so closely with my LGBTQ friends, family and fans is that we have to love the body we are in and the life we are given. Although that may seem impossible it is very important to take pride in yourself especially now at a time where everything may feel chaotic and irrational. Sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent and cannot be intentionally altered, so we should celebrate ourselves as we are – Whether we are Lesbian, Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or somewhere in between, we were Born This Way. Gay pride is more than just two men or women being able to kiss or get married. Gay Pride is a celebration of life, human rights and ultimately the right to love whoever we want. That is worth celebrating.

Fun Fact: June 26 the day of my birthday was also the day back in 2015, the Supreme Court Legalized Gay Marriage Nationwide. 🌈

It's My Life, It's My Health, It's My Body, It's My Choice

To all of my friends that heard that I decided to get Gastric Bypass Surgery and were wondering how I arrived at that decision– I wanted to shine a light on my thinking.

First I want to thank all of you for the love and well wishes. This as not been an easy decision, an easy surgery nor an easy recovery. Your love has helped me get through.

My personal philosophy about my weight and my health has always been the same. It’s my body and my health and I have the freedom to make the choices I decide I want to make. You also have the freedom to make the choices you decide you want to make.

Why other people have an opinion about what we do, how we look, how fat/thin we are is mind boggling to me. Can we just focus on ourselves? What do we want in our own lives? What steps are you taking for your health? Why are people so focused on other people instead of themselves?

I am proud that winning Project Runway and being a Fashion Designer has given me a platform to talk about the issue of self-acceptance. My own self-acceptance has been a journey and continues to evolve. To accept oneself just the way we are is the first step. Not an easy step. Suffering through a lifetime of being made fun of, being looked and laughed at for how I appear was not easy. Realizing that those that did have the problem not me was not an easy place to get. When I realized that my personal power lies in loving myself the way I am not the way others want me to be was life-changing. By loving myself the way I am allowed me to love myself enough to then change how I wanted to be. I want to be healthy. Not because you want me to look and be a certain way but because I want to! Getting this surgery is a personal decision. A choice I wanted to make for MY health, For My Body and For My Life. Don’t you think it’s time we all respected people’s personal choices?

Curves Work

What is Curves Work?

Founded in 1990, Working Wardrobes has changed the lives of nearly 90,000 men, women, veterans, and young adults overcoming difficult challenges – alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, homelessness, catastrophic illness, and traumatic financial loss.  Our clients are referred to us from more than 60 programs throughout Southern California.

Over 60% of the clients served by Working Wardrobes are plus size, yet most of the professional clothing donations we receive aren’t. We want each and every one of the men, women, young adults, and Veterans we serve to feel great on the inside and look great on the outside, so they can nail their job interviews and get back to work! Here’s what you can do! During the month of June 2017, gather together any gently used, good condition plus size work and casual clothes. Get your friends involved too, or ask your place of work to hold a plus size clothing drive.

Drop off your plus size clothing donations at the Working Wardrobes Career Center,
1851 Kettering Street, Irvine, CA 92614 • Mondays – Saturdays, 10:00am – 2:00pm. Or mail your donations to the address listed above.

Thank you so much for supporting Curves Work! Your plus size clothing donations will get our clients back to work.

Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands "Bandelettes"

I am so proud to have hosted an event on May 4th for BANDELETTES. Had I not discovered this wonderful product I would have designed it myself!!! Bandelettes are thigh bands designed to prevent chaffing thighs. I have suffered with thigh chafing my entire life and finally I found a product that is not only stylish, fashionable (and sexy) they’re also a solution to a serious problem. They are comfortable and convenient to wear. You can put them on with almost anything! Summer is coming… get this product now.💋

My Spring 2017 Collection with JC Penney

It’s finally here, I’m so happy the Spring collection with JC Penney is now available. This collection is literally perfect for Spring! There are bright and bold colors, fun and funky patterns; everything you could every possibly need for Spring. My inspiration for this collection took a very creative process. I was inspired by the work of Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain. Located in the Southern desert of California, the mountain is covered by more than 100 gallons of donated paint. What really struck my creative nerve was the use of the bright colors and patterns used on the mountain side. I had such a fun process creating the designs and just adding my own flare to anything. I hope you guys love this collection as much as I do. If you do happen to purchase an item or two don’t forget to use the tag #DesignerANT if you post on instagram because I would love to see how it looks on you guys <3

Simple as Pie 🍰


My simplicity patterns are finally here. For those of you who own a sewing machine, it’s your lucky day. You can now create your own bodycon dress using your all time favorite fabric. You have the option of creating one and two piece dresses with the available sizes 18W to 34W. Summer is just around the corner, if you wanted to you could even create your own swimsuit! I have already created a couple one pieces and I’m super excited to do more. There will be more patterns to be released in the coming year so stay tuned.

Hey Good Lookin'

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, that is a secret that Anastasia Beverly Hills has known for years. Not only has she been a pioneer for entrepreneurs and a template for the American Dream, she has introduced me to some of my favorite passions…and by passion, I mean make-up! Whether is it her awesome brow kits or her yummy lip-gloss sets, I always love to play when I pick up my goodies from her shop.

You all know me, and you know how much I like to express myself, now, I am giving you the inside scoop on what I use. Much <3 to this beauty maven!

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Clothing Designer Ashley Nell Tipton

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